Our Story

Reveal, by Nature is a community of open, uplifting, lively beings dedicated to offering natural, non-toxic and organic beauty products that enrich both body and soul.  We are passionate individuals who are committed to discovering and revealing the truth of what’s underneath -- in the products we use, the businesses we support and in our selves. We believe that pure, natural, non-toxic ingredients build healthier bodies and souls for ourselves, our communities and our environment. At Reveal, by Nature, we hope to assist you on your path to bold, natural and purposeful living.

With a focus on health, well-being and empowerment through knowledge, Reveal, by Nature offers an array of ethically sourced beauty and skin care products aimed at revealing your natural, beautiful and unique self. Our goal is to provide you with a space and resources to feel confident and complete by being true to your nature. We hope you will join us in standing up for and demanding better products, with safer ingredients, for the love and beauty of our bodies and our environment



Reveal, by Nature is here to provide you with the best in natural and organic beauty and skin care products with comfort and ease. Many products claim to be ‘Natural,’ but all too often that term is nothing more than a marketing ploy for products laden with toxic chemicals. With no industry regulation to determine what can be called ‘Natural,’ it takes a lot of time and effort to determine which ones have ingredients that are truly natural, non-toxic and that actually work. At Reveal, by Nature, we wish to simplify the process and take the guesswork and frustration out. We bring you products that we have personally chosen and use for their safe ingredients, affordable prices, and effectiveness!

 At Reveal, by Nature, our hope is that by sharing our experiences and making our voices heard, we empower you to do the same. We each have our own unique stories to tell and at Reveal, by Nature, we welcome all individuals to our community to share opinions, thoughts and ideas


We Rate them, Date them, Love ‘em or Leave ‘em

When we are searching for a new product, we like to think of it like dating - It starts with a need or desire…to enhance our lives (easily tamed hair)...to co-exist with our dreams and beliefs (safe, natural ingredients)…to let our inner beauty shine (radiant skin) or just for something…better (an enriching lifestyle with ease and simplicity!). There’s so many options out there, where do we start?  A friend recommendation, a lineup on the store shelf or an online search?  Of course, just like you, we have standards - fakers, liars and pretenders won’t do.

Like your older sister, we’ve lived a little, loved a little and lost a little and so we aim to protect.  First, we rate them by delving in deeper than the pretty packaging and charming language by looking at what’s underneath (their ingredients). We go to trusted sources first for their recommendations (like the EWG*) and then (like your over-protective older sister – who really just wants the best for you) we do our own research to make sure they don’t have anything suspect (hidden toxins).  If they pass the test, we date them by taking them out for a stroll and getting to know them a little better (we try them out). Now as you all know, sometimes on the first date it’s obvious if it’s a hit or miss (a lotion that feels fabu versus a moisturizer that still leaves you feeling dry) and sometimes we need to give it a little more time to truly get to know ‘em better (Like a natural shampoo that just needs a little time for your hair to adjust).

Then we do what must be done, we Love ‘em or Leave ‘em.  If it’s just not working the way we want or need it to, we say “No way baby – you can’t stay” (we ditch the product and cut our losses).  When we’ve found something that’s truly special and fits with our desires, then the magic happens, a union is formed and we have a match (we welcome them into our collection)!

As we continue to grow as a company and a community we invite you to grow with us by helping us in our new product selections.  To provide your feedback on products we are considering bringing into our collection and to get exclusive offers and special discounts you can sign up at the footer of the page.  We will always research the product’s ingredients first to eliminate any with harsh ingredients and we always offer full disclosure.



  • To respect, listen to & encourage the voices and feedback of our customers, members and friends
  • To continue searching for fabulous products w/safe ingredients
  • To offer new & exciting products from fair trade practices around the globe.
  • To only offer products that are cruelty free
  • To always give our customers Full disclosure - We foster an honest, open relationship with our members and we pledge to always reveal our products ingredients and the knowledge we have about them.
  • To provide free samples when possible and available
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee – if you don’t like a product for any reason, you can return if within 30 days for a full refund.

 At Reveal, by Nature we believe that even the smallest efforts can lead to huge impacts. We are committed to giving back to our community, our mother earth and those in need. We do so by practicing being environmentally conscious with eco-friendly shipping and packaging materials and office supplies. We give back to charitable organizations through contributions from our profits and through event fundraising. We provide an ongoing information platform through our website content, our blog and through comments, insights and reviews by you.

[*The EWG (Environmental Working Group) is a non-profit organization with a mission to protect human health and the environment. Reveal, by Nature uses their Skin Deep Database of products and chemicals as our first step in determining the safety of the ingredients in the products we select.  Reveal, by Nature has no affiliation with the Environmental Working Group.]